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King Knight
Stage Pridemoor Keep
Theme The Decadent Dandy
Weapon Scepter

As the embodiment of opulence, I demand tribute!

King Knight is one of eight Knights of "The Order of no Quarter" who serves the Enchantress. He is the boss of Pridemoor Keep.

Similarly to the currently playable campaign for Plague Knight and the upcoming campaign for Specter Knight, King Knight will have a "playable boss campaign"[1] added in a future update.

Official BioEdit

King Knight isn't a king, he is a king-themed knight. But that doesn't stop him from making decrees! As the lord defender of Pridemoor Keep, he commands a formidable army of minions. Experienced with repelling invaders who dare try topple his malevolent monarchy, King Knight is a master of single combat. And because he’s dressed to the nines at almost all times, he’s always ready for a brutal coronation!

  • Pros: Commanding presence, charismatic, snappy dresser
  • Cons: Not actually a king

Fighting style Edit

As one of the first members of the Order the player can face, King Knight is a fairly simple boss. He moves slowly and in a flashy prideful manner. His main method of attack is to hop around the stage before executing either a paralyzing stomp (if you are on the ground, you will be frozen for a short time) or a slashing charge which makes him quickly move in a straight line through the screen. After depleting approximately half his health, he will move into a corner and two horns will launch confetti into the air. While this is a good time to deal damage to him, the confetti will do damage as it falls to the ground.


As Shovel Knight: Edit

"King Knight: An interloper is in our midst! Begone from our throne room, knave!"
"Shovel Knight: I'm no more an intruder than you! You aren't even a real king!"
"King Knight: Oh, but you're mistaken. The Enchantress saw me for my fabulously regal self, and now all bow before me!"
"Shovel Knight: You're naught but a decadent dandy! Prepare to taste justice! Shovel justice!"
"King Knight: SILENCE!!!"

As Plague Knight: Edit

"King Knight: Plague Knight!? You double-crossing constable of crucibles!"
"Plague Knight: Hee hee hee! Having fun in your little kingdom? Oh, ha ha ha, sorry, I meant "KINGDOM"?"
"King Knight: Oh, this lavish lifestyle is in my blood, peon! Bask in the glimmering grace... of a true monarch! As the embodiment of opulence, I demand tribute!"
"Plague Knight: AAAA-HA-HA! Let's have that essence. I think I'll take that nice crown, too!"




  • After the player defeats The Order of No Quarter again in the Tower of Fate and rescue them, if the player has Ornate Plate equipped, King Knight will mention how Shovel Knight has "picked up" his style if spoken to.
  • Like the other Dig the Vote winners he has a steam emoticon.
  • King Knight's crown is not made of real gold, as discovered by Plague Knight after defeating him in Plague of Shadows.


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