King Knight is an overconfident coward that relies on trickery and minions to do his dirty work. As such, his campaign will be full of self aggrandizing and humor!

The King Knight Campaign is the upcoming fourth campaign of Shovel Knight, featuring King Knight. Like the other campaigns, it will be available for free to owners of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

It does not yet have an official name. Currently, the only thing shown has been a short clip of gameplay by Yacht Club Games.

King Knight can attack by swinging his scepter forward, similar to Shovel Knight. He can go through the air with a cutting dash attack; it seems that hitting an enemy this way will send him into a twirl in which he can bounce off enemies like Shovel Knight. In "Dig the Vote", it was said he could reflect projectiles with a flip of his cape.

Unlike the other characters, King Knight does not use magic items of any kind. One of the ideas presented in "Dig the Vote" was that he would have a "Kingly Strut" meter that he can spend for special moves. However, in released footage there is no space in the HUD for any meter except his Life.

Another feature mentioned in "Dig the Vote" is Royal Decrees: King Knight can spend gold to issue them and "cheat" on a level.

According to some data-mining, the name of King Knight's campaign may be King of Cards.

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