Weee be Legion...
Legion Art
Type Merchant
Locations Tower of Fate
Legion is a character in Specter of Torment encountered at the Tower of Fate. He upgrades Specter Knight's Curios for a price of 4000 gold each.


Legion, nearly identical to Manny, is an amalgamation of many small creatures infesting a cloak and holding up a blue head. It wears a green cloak with blue trimming on almost all seams and the sleeves. Legion's chest opens up to reveal more tiny creatures.


"Specter Knight: These creatures are gathering around a vessel marked with Curios. Perhaps I'll make an offering. Offer 1000 gold?"


"Specter Knight: A waste of time, and of coin!"

1000 Gold:

"Specter Knight: The vessel can hold far more than this pittance.... but it's a start."

2000 Gold:

"Specter Knight: The vessel is nearly full. We'll see where this leads."

3000 Gold:

"Specter Knight:  !!! State your business, abomination! Who are you?"
"????: Weeee be Legion..."

If Specter Knight doesn't have any Curio to upgrade:

"Legion: Curios!!!!... Give! Get Curios! Return!"

If Specter Knight has any Curio:

"Legion: theee up...powerful weeee make..."

If not enough gold:

"Legion: Neeeed... gold..."

After purchasing all Curio upgrades:

"Legion: STROOOONG! Miiighty! You be strong like weee be Legion!"


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