Liquid Samurai are the endgame minor enemies found in the Tower of Fate. Both varieties encountered have two hit points. The Liquid Samurai were designed by Max VanDuyne as a Director for a Day.

Official Bio Edit

From the shadows of the Enchantress’ lair, the Liquid Samurai takes form. Beginning as inert blobs of liquid, these fierce combatants leap around the room, transforming and slashing in a whirlwind of confusion. Combining agility with maneuverability, the liquid samurai is skilled in both ranged and melee weapons. Take heed!

Liquid Samurai Swordsman Edit


The red Liquid Samurai is the swordsman. Once Shovel Knight gets too close, it will charge at him and try to slice him. They pose two hitpoints. Upon defeat, they drop 2 red gems worth 200 gold and a jar. They appear in the Tower of Fate: Entrance. They can be seen in the credits. When the level is completed, they appear in the NCP'S Tower in Specter of Torment. They also skid really fast making it hard to hit them. And they often fall into pits and kill themselves into spikes.

Liquid Samurai Archer Edit


The green Liquid Samurai is the archer; unlike the swordsman it tries to maintain distance from Shovel Knight and instead strike him with arrows. Like most projectiles these arrows can be reflected back toward the archer who fired them. They are mainly found in the Tower of Fate: Entrance, and the Tower of Fate: Ascent. They have two hitpoints. They drop two red gems worth 200 gold when killed. They skid all around. They just jump super high shooting really really fast. They often fall into pits and kill themselves into spikes.

Blue Liquid Samurai Edit

The blue Liquid Samurai is something of an enigma; whilst a few enemies were altered or removed from Shovel Knight during development the blue liquid samurai can be seen in blob form during the credits sequence of Shovel of Hope fighting the Wandering Travelers, And can also be seen in the credits sequence of Plague of Shadows too.Unused sprites of the blue samurai show it switching between sword and bow whilst the artwork appears to have it holding a segmented staff. Blue Liquid Samurai are seen invading the Armor Outpost in the credits sequence for Specter of Torment, where they wield both swords and bows, but they are not fought in the actual game.


Red Liquid Samurai after completing Plains:

"Liquid Samurai: Stay grounded and attack as quickly as possible! Your foes will fall in no time."

Red Liquid Samurai, liquid form, after completing Plains:

"Liquid Samurai: Even I can't climb up some walls.. I suppose it's because they look different."

Blue Liquid Samurai after completing Plains:

"Liquid Samurai: You can't control the direction of the Dash Slash! It's based on whether you are above or below your enemy."