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Luan Art
Stage Tower of Fate (flashback)
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Luan Seatlan was Donovan's companion in his former life, and Reize's father.

Appearance Edit

Luan has wild black hair, a black beard, and a red headband to go along with it. He wears a red outfit, with small plates of golden armor, and has a large, bandaged sword.

Personality Edit

While he is not seen much, only being seen in the flashbacks in Specter of Torment, he is shown to be very caring of Donovan and Reize. In the second flashback scene, he was killed by Donovan when trying to convince his friend to flee after the fight against Shield Knight. According to himself, in his youth Luan was reckless, brash and naive, resulting in many near death experiences who he, in a later age, would end up regretting.

Strategy Edit

In the Memory Stages Luan helps Donovan progress through the Tower of Fate by acting similar to a Lantern, which serve as a stationary object that Specter Knight/Donovan can Dash Slash through.


Memory of Adventure:

"Luan: We're almost there. I can feel it."
"Donovan: Indeed. And a long journey it's been. Onward!"
"Luan: What say we stop here for the night?"
"Luan: *SIGH* Donovan... As a father, I'm worried about him. Do you think the Amulet will truly protect him from all harm?"
"Donovan: Your boy has much to learn about the world, certainly, but... If this trinket is as powerful as they say..."
"Luan: I... I can only hope the legends hold true."
"Donovan: Don't worry. We won't be leaving empty handed. Come now, let's rest, and tomorrow we will find out for ourselves."

Memory of Conflict:

"Luan: Let's break camp. We can reach the pinnacle by day's end!"
"Donovan: I can already sense its power... over life and death. It shall be ours soon."

If Donovan did not pick the Caltrops in the previous flashback:

"Luan: These Caltrops.. a fine weapon, perhaps they'd be useful in our escape."
"Donovan: I am scarcely interested in scavenged scarp metal, but if you think they ave a use, then so be it."
"Luan: Is... Is that the AMULET?"
"Donovan: It's ours! Finally!"
"Shield Knight: Stay where you are! That amulet has powers far beyond your control! I am here to destroy it, once and for all!"
"Luan: But... I seek only to protect my son! My intentions are pure!"
"Shield Knight: Protect him, then, by fleeing this place and never looking back!"
"Donovan: ...Heh. You want it for yourself. You can't fool me. Luan, would you do the honors?"
"Luan: Just a moment! If what she's saying is true, then... Might we be a bit more cautious?"
"Donovan: You would let some pompous knight tell us what we can and can't take? Who is this busybody anyway?"
"Shield Knight: I am Shield Knight, and I will not let you pass!"
"Luan: Donovan! The tower crumbles around us! We must leave at once!"
"Donovan: I never knew you as a coward, Luan! We'll leave once we have our prize!"
"Shield Knight: STAY AWAY! You meddle with forces you do not understand!"
"Luan: Please, Donovan, I'M BEGGING YOU! Leave the Amulet, it's not worth it!"
"Donovan: NEVER! OUT OF MY WAY!"
"Donovan: And you! You won't stop me either! Have at you!"


"Specter Knight: Well.... One last reverie..."
"Donovan: HA HA HA! And you simply made off with his boots? INCREDIBLE! That's one way to make a grand escape."
"Luan: I was reckless in my youth. Much like my own son.... Brash, naive.. It's a wonder I've lived to tell such tales."
"Donovan: Nonsense! We two shall prosper for a hundred years! And your boy takes after his father."
"Luan: He.. He does. Donovan... I've been meaning to give you something."
"Donovan: Is this a locket?"
"Luan: If fate should claim me before my time, he'll have no one to protect him from his own flights of fancy."
"Donovan: ..."
"Luan: This is an old family keepsake. You are family to me, and... I would hope you'd be family to Reize."
"Donovan: Luan... I would lay down my life to save his. I promise."

Trivia Edit

  • Like how Seizui created Reize, he also created Luan. However, he was redesigned to fit the Shovel Knight world better, thus looking very different to his original incarnation.
  • Luan's portrait names him "Glenn" in the game's files.
  • If the player dies during a flashback, Luan will also collapse to the ground.
  • Luan has a sprite that shows his sword, and it can be seen for a split second right before he stabs it into a wall to help Donovan reach a height.
  • If not found in the Memory of Adventure, Luan will personally give Donovan the Caltrops in the beginning of the Memory of Conflict, regarding them as a fine weapon and a possible useful asset for their return trip from the Tower. After initially mocking them as scavenged scrap metal, Donovan in the end complies with his friend and adds them to his equipment.
  • Luan's sword is similar to the Mexican Machete


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