Manny Art
Type Merchant
Locations Tower of Fate

We like...your gold. We like...your cloak. Touch it...nnnew powers. Yesss. We cloak darknesss.

Manny is a character of Specter of Torment encountered in the Tower of Fate. He is the shopkeeper of Specter Knight's cloaks.


Manny is an amalgamation of many small creatures and a tan head. It wears a red cloak with gold on almost all seams and the sleeves and chest open up to see more tiny creatures.


  • Manny's name is a play on the word "many" as he is made up of "many" smaller creatures.
    • Adiitionally, with Manny's Curio counterpart Legion, they are clearly a reference to the Biblical passage Mark 5:9, whereas Jesus Christ of Nazarene meets a being in the valley of shadows, and upon asking it's name, the being responds with "My name is Legion, for we are many."
  • In the second flashback stage, at the same location where Manny will be, there are some similar small creatures in that room. They will just flee when Donovan comes close.



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