Mary Sweets is a character in Shovel Knight. She can be seen in the Armor Outpost, standing just outside the Hat Shop. She gives Shovel Knight her opinion about all the members of The Order of No Quarter, but always expresses her romantic feelings toward Shovel Knight over all. She seems to be the Armor Outpost counterpart to Molly, except is much better at flirting.


Mary Sweets wears a light blue dress and shoes, with long blonde hair and blue eyes.


"Mary Sweets: I find Tinker Knight so fascinating! I'd love to talk about literature with him! ....Or about love poetry with you!"
"Mary Sweets: Plague Knight, what a cutie! I love his little mask! Is that a bird? A mosquito? All I know is I've been bitten by the love bug, Shovel Knight."
"Mary Sweets: Mole Knight, hmmmm. I might fancy him, if he weren't so dirty all the time! You're the only one I really dig, though."
"Mary Sweets: Treasure Knight. Well, he's a breadwinner, I suppose, at the very least. But I only feel truly rich when I see you, Shovel Knight."
"Mary Sweets: I could just DIE for Specter Knight! Have you seen him? He's handsome! Not nearly as handsome as you, though."
"Mary Sweets: I've never met Polar Knight, but he seems like the strong, silent type. That's hot! It would be a cold day without you here, though, blue boy."
"Mary Sweets: Black Knight? Hmmmmm, mysterious! I'd love to see what was under that helmet! But I bet you're still stronger, under all that armor."
"Mary Sweets: Propeller Knight, now there's a guy who knows how to treat his fans. But you're the one who really blows me away, Shovel Knight."
"Mary Sweets: Oh, that King Knight, he's so regal! Such a refined fashion sense! But honestly, I'd rather be YOUR queen."



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