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Meal tickets can be redeemed by talking to the Gastronomer in the Village. Every meal ticket redeemed increases your Health Capacity by one. If you talk to Gastronomer while you have multiple Meal Tickets, he will rapid fire the trays containing the health upgrades onto the table, throwing another out each time you eat the previous "meal." Of course, he will only throw out as many meals as you redeemed tickets. You can currently upgrade your Health to a maximum of 10.


The Meal Ticket is an item that can be obtained in two ways. You can get one after the campfire scene following the completion of a triad of levels, which are:

  1. Plains, The Lich Yard, and Pridemoor Keep
  2. Explodatorium, Iron Whale, and Lost City
  3. Stranded Ship, Clockwork Tower, and Flying Machine

Upon completing all of the levels within a set, the next campfire scene will feature an event where you save Shield Knight in a dream, and at the end of the event you awake like normal, but a chest containing a meal ticket rests beside the campfire.

You can also get meal tickets from Goatician, for a price. (1000, 4500, 6000 gold)

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