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Memmecs are rare minor Enemies appearing in Specter of Torment. They appear as fennecs with a body shaped like a treasure chest. In the wild, they mimic a chest and jump at anyone approaching them. They release large sums of treasures when hit. A faster way to defeat them is using the Dread Talon, however the total gold dropped in this way will result minor compared to the one dropped by simply hitting them. Despite their cute appareance they will defend their treasure fiercely, dishing out massive damage rather quickly.

Specter of TormentEdit

Only two wild Memmecs can be found during the campaign, in off-road rooms of the Explodatorium and the Lost City.

There is a docile Memmec at the Tower of Fate in the library above the Magic Mirror. Specter Knight can pet it by holding [DOWN] next to it, after looking around to see if anyone notices. It will also start playing with one of the purple orbs in the same room if Specter Knight kicks one to it, releasing treasures while doing so.

One last Memmec appears in the campaign's ending scenes, sleeping next to Farrels at the Village when Specter Knight brings back Reize.


"Memmec: Yip!.. Yip... Mroaow.. YAAAWWNN."


  • Memmec is based off of a fennec fox, and its name being a pun on the words mimic and fennec.
    • In concept the Memmec is inspired by the classic monster known as Mimic.
  • Since many characters fled the Tower of Fate after Specter Knight's clash with The Enchantress, it's unknown if the Memmec next to Farrels is supposed to be the same normally found in the Tower's library.

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