The Mysterious Area is a special stage present only in the Xbox One and Pc versions of Shovel Knight that appears on the map once the player has obtained the Curious Map. It is here that Shovel Knight encounters and competes with the Battletoads. Notably this level is divided into four main sections two of which have a completely different gameplay style meant to emulate classic Battletoads stages. Shovel Knight starts out in the camp section but if he agrees to the training he is immediately sent to the Rappelling Section.

Rappelling Section Edit

The first section is based upon the Wookie Hole stage and sees Shovel Knight rappelling downward. Firstly he must fight Zitz whilst rappelling. When Zitz has been taken down to half health he retreats. Shovel Knight must then continue rappelling whilst defeating enemies and dodging hazards. After a while Zitz will reappear and Shovel Knight must defeat him whilst also dealing with enemies and hazards. When this is done three Propeller Rats with scissors will cut the rope and send Shovel Knight plummeting into the next section.

Speeder Bike Section Edit

The second section is based on the Turbo Tunnel stage and sees Shovel Knight on a Speeder Bike. Shovel must first fight Pimple as with Zitz once he is brought down to half health Pimple retreats. Shovel Knight must then dodge hazards and enemies until Pimple reappears. Then as with the rappelling Shovel Knight must defeat Pimple whilst dodging hazards. When Pimple is defeated Shovel Knight is flung forward into the next section.

Boss Section Edit

The final section is a boss battle with Rash. This is the only section that plays like a typical Shovel Knight stage. During the fight Rash can gesture to summon Zitz or Pimple to attack to aid him. Once Zitz has been defeated the stage has been beaten and Shovel Knight and the Battletoads will return to the starting area.

Camp Section Edit

In the main area the Battletoads will bequeath Shovel Knight the Toad Gear. From here the player can talk to each of the Battletoads as well as Croaker, Toader, a Rooster Gent, Reize Seatlan and Baz.

Speeder mini-game Edit

After the initial battle it's possible to replay the speeder bike section again, by paying Pimple 200 gold and 4 attempts are allowed before repaying the entry cost. However the layout of the section and its obstacles will change, creating a faithful copy of the original Turbo Tunnel. If completed Pimple will repay you 1000 gold.

Trivia Edit

  • When the game is paused in the Mysterious Area Battletoads pause music plays.
  • The Camp section of the level uses Plains assets whilst the rest uses assets from the Lost City.
  • It is in the same location as The Streetpass Arena.
  • During the Rappeling section is possible to juggle the defeated Propeller Rats, progressively increasing their value of treasure dropped, similarly to how in the Battletoads videogame enemies could be juggled for extra points.