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Nightmare Reize
Nightmare Reize Small
Stage Tower of Fate: ????
Theme Know Thy True Self

Nightmare Reize is The Enchantress' empowered version of Dark Reize and the final boss for Specter of Torment.

Backstory Edit

After Specter Knight defeats The Enchantress, she calls Dark Reize to her. Despite Specter Knight's attempts to change his mind, Reize agrees to the powerup. The Enchantress then floats Dark Reize into the air and sends strange green flames over his body. This turns him into Nightmare Reize. The floor then collapses, sending Specter Knight onto the rails that are used during the fight. Nightmare Reize is first seen creeping slowly on-screen form the right, which starts the battle.

Appearance Edit

Nightmare Reize takes the form of a strange monster. He wears spiked, dark blue armor and a dark red sash similar to Reize's. The armor has what looks like a face in the center. He also has large green claws which, surprisingly, are not featured in any of his attacks. His head resembles Reize's, only being larger, having no visible pupils, and being surrounded by a green flame of some kind. This flame resembles the dark magic used to give Reize this form, as well as in some of his attacks.

Attacks Edit

Nightmare Reize has three main attacks. He can:

  • Shoot projectiles that can take on two main forms. The first are spinning wheels of energy, similar to those seen in the Enchantress and Dark Reize fights. The second are green flames shot towards the player that, upon hitting a rail, create slashable flames similar to those in the Lich Yard.
  • Move to the right of the screen, avoiding attack, before charging to the left in an attempt to tackle the player. After the attack finishes, Nightmare Reize appears back on the right, presumably by some sort of dark magic or teleportation.
  • Although not a direct attack by Nightmare Reize, when boss health is down to 2.5 points, the rails will disappear for a while. Specter Knight must dash slash through red lamps that get increasingly far apart to reach the single rail for the rest of the fight.

Player Strategy Edit

Nightmare Reize can only be damaged by attacking the head. All other parts of his body cannot be damaged. Any contact with Nightmare Reize or his attacks takes a full bubble of Will.

The battle takes place on two everlasting rails, with random red lamps. Specter Knight can only grind, which takes away some Curio use. The top rail is usually beneficial for attacking, but the bottom tends to have easier red lamp patterns.

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