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Oolong is a character from the expansion Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows. He functions as the equivalent of the Bard, however, his repertoire includes only the exclusive tracks from the DLC. Whilst Music Sheets are given to Percy as scrap paper, the ones with writing on both sides are thrown away and land in Oolong's funnel causing him to remember the song in question.

He is a mysterious creature who lives in The Potionarium. His origins are mysterious but everyone appreciates the music he plays. Sadly his repertoire is dependent upon his lackluster memory. His appearance is of a pale green humanoid creature, with a bulbous body and long slender limbs. His head has a curious funnel like appendage growing out of it, which is how he plays his music.

If the player throws a Bomb directly at the top of his head, in his funnel, he will belch explosions equivalent to the current powder equipped. Throwing all types of powders at his funnel earns the player a Feat.

Trivia Edit

  • Oolong is a type of chinese tea, known for its medicinal properties.
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