Flashy! Acrobatic! Useless!

The Ornate Armor is the most expensive armor the Armorer sells at 8000 gold. As its description states, it offers no combat or stat benefits. The Armor has a few small effects on the game:


King Knight comments on the Ornate Plate

  • It leaves a sparkling trail behind Shovel Knight.
  • Shovel Knight often performs flips and acrobatics when jumping.
  • After being launched from the Catapult Shovel Knight lands on his feet rather than hitting the ground on his face.
  • After the Battle Royale, King Knight acknowledges the armor and compliments Shovel Knight.

Whilst the armor claims to be useless, the sparkling trail it leaves can be used to better track Shovel Knight during the blackout areas of The Lich Yard, Tower of Fate: Entrance, and Specter Knight's boss battle (including the Battle Royale).

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