The Passmaster

The Passmaster is a Super Skeleton that runs the Streetpass Arena in the Nintendo 3DS versions of Shovel Knight.

Personality Edit

The Passmaster is quite welcoming and friendly towards Shovel Knight, despite his appearance. He always refers to him as "warrior" and complements his performance in the arena regardless of how he did. He also is the source of where Shovel Knight can decide if he wants to view or record his Battle Ghost.

Origins Edit

The origins of The Passmaster remain somewhat a mystery, but he can, not surprisingly, always be found in the Streetpass Arena, near the passage that only he has the ability to open and close. According to one of the Adventurers in the arena, (the human one in the form of a red-haired villager) the Passmaster is undefeated in the arena. He also says that through consistent training, Shovel Knight may one day live up to his glory.

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