Scholar Art

Artwork of Percy.

Percy is a character in Plague of Shadows. This horse scientist is one of Plague Knight's allies and will trade music sheets for gold . When Mona leaves Team Plague, Percy takes over her duties at the Potionarium.

His competence is sadly hit and miss, as Plague Knight recounts a time when Percy's catapult sent him flying into the ocean. In Plague of Shadows, his catapult launches Plague Knight right into the middle of the Armor Outpost and the alchemist has to fight his way out through guard knights.

Despite this, Percy is competent enough to operate the distiller, complete Mona's research for Plague Knight's bombs and create the Pandemonium Chalice despite Mona being unsure of whether it was even possible.

In the ending of Plague of Shadows, he has entered a relationship with the Magicist and the two of them have taken over the Explodatorium.


  • He refers himself as Sir Percival while telling love tips.
  • Percy may be the Scholar in Shovel of Hope as they wear similar (though not identical) outfits, have the same artwork reused for one of the cover art of Plague of Shadows and both have an affection for ballistic physics.
  • Percy's sprite model is closer to the look of the original artwork than the Scholar's.


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