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Plague Knight
Stage Explodatorium
Theme The Vital Vitriol
Weapon Bombs

The fruits of my research are no mere trick!
Plague Knight is one of eight Knights of "The Order of no Quarter" who serves the Enchantress. He is the boss of The Explodatorium.

Plague Knight has his own "playable boss campaign", added in the Plague of Shadows expansion.

Official BioEdit

Sometimes, the bomb is mightier than the sword. Deep in the recesses of his alchemical lab, Plague Knight perfects concoctions both poisonous and explosive. Toxin, disease, and death are his playgrounds. Even his comrades give Plague Knight a wide berth, because he spreads more than just the common cold. With an array of mysterious and magical bottles at his side, Plague Knight could be considered the black sheep of The Order of No Quarter.

  • Pros: Maniacal scientific mind, fearlessness bordering on recklessness
  • Cons: Physically weak, short stature, shy at parties

Personality Edit

Plague Knight has a somewhat reckless personality and notably treats several of his allies with contempt or indifference. With the exception of Tinker Knight, he treats all of the Order of No Quarter with disrespect, often gleefully attacking them and entirely unapologetic at the Battle Royale.

While he brushes off most criticism without second thought, Specter Knight is able to reduce him to stunned silence by commenting on his cowardice regarding his feelings for Mona.

He is insecure about his lack of strength and power, believing that he needs the Serum Supernus to become powerful enough for Mona to love him.

Relationships Edit

Mona Edit

One of Plague Knight's few genuinely positive relationships, it is clear that he respects Mona greatly as a fellow alchemist and he also harbors romantic feelings for her. When she temporarily departs Team Plague, Plague Knight seems genuinely sad for a change.

Percy Edit

Plague Knight seems to tolerate Percy reasonably well but gets exasperated with him at times and isn't above threatening or mocking him.

Tinker Knight Edit

Tinker Knight seems to be the only member of the Order of No Quarter Plague Knight actually respects, as they are both men of science that share similar ideals. Plague Knight even tries to convince him to surrender peacefully. However when Tinker Knight makes it evident that it will not happen, Plague Knight does not hesitate to take his Essence by force.

Baz Edit

Plague Knight seemingly takes pity on Baz and recruits him into Team Plague. Once he becomes a member however, Plague Knight does express some exasperation at his dimness.

Team Plague Edit

Plague Knight doesn't seem to react one way or the other to the likes of the Magicist, Oolong or the Mail Minion.

Plague Minions Edit

Plague Knight notably does not have a very positive relationship with his minions, apparently ruling by force and fear; in the plains two of them flee upon his approach, fearing they will be experimented on. Furthermore, he mocks their capacity when he allows Baz to join, noting his lack of brainpower makes him fit in with the minions. Players can attack the Plague Minions wandering through the Potionarium, and when venturing the Explodatorium all minions are enemies, who are seemingly in rebellion.


Plague Knight is a slippery customer, hopping around the stage while throwing explosive vials at the Shovel Knight. These vials can break the floor of the stage, changing the terrain and making him even harder to manage. Some of the beakers will also cause fireballs to ride the floor after they collide, making for a further hazard. He will also teleport. Occasionally, he will summon two large beakers filled with a mysterious purple substance. If a thrown vial hits these beakers, they will cause a large explosion, inflicting high damage. Once his health reaches a certain point, he will summon enough beakers to fill the floor, though if the player defeat him quickly this is of no concern. A good strategy is to use the Chaos Sphere in this battle, as it can easily hit the erratic Plague Knight.

It is worthy of note that all of his thrown vials can be thrown back at him if hit with the shovel, and they are often launched in ways attempting to intersect with Plague Knight's next move or current position, roughly hitting him 30-50% of the time despite his erratic movement, although it is not reliable to fight Plague Knight using only this strategy. Reflected potions only deal 1 damage to Plague Knight (considering that 10 health dots to represent 20 health).

As a playable character Edit

In Plague of Shadows, Plague Knight receives a new sprite set, that makes him slightly smaller (almost the same size of Shovel Knight) with unique animations for walking, jumping, climbing, among others. His design has been slightly tweaked, with smaller and rounder proportions to make him look more "adorable".

Plague Knight's gameplay is ranged oriented, reflecting his fight as a boss. Its style is reminiscent from Metroid and Mega Man; Plague Knight's main weapons are Bombs in forms of potions, that he can throw at enemies. These bombs can be customized to be given various effects, and its customization is divided in three sections:

  • Casing: affects the trajectory of the bombs. Switching between them allows Plague Knight to control where he will throw the bombs.
  • Powder: affects the resulting explosion of the bombs. These can vary from simple explosions to pillars of flames or electrical pulses.
  • Fuse: affects the timer of the bombs. With this Plague Knight can control when the bombs will explode.

All these customizations can be bought from Mona at the Potionarium, who can also research for more variations as Plague Knights gives her enough Cipher Coins. With the right combination, Plague Knight can dish out damage much faster than Shovel Knight, making some boss fights easier.

With this in mind, Plague Knight can adapt to almost any situation and any kind of enemy, which gives him a kind of versatility that Shovel Knight lacks; however, Plague Knight has very little health and jumps much lower than Shovel Knight. On the other hand, Plague Knight has a double jump (that even so is much lower than Shovel Knight standard jump) and can perform Bursts by holding the attack button; doing so will cause his sprite to blink, and releasing it will propel Plague Knight upwards. Bursts can be used indefinitely, and gives Plague Knight the mobility he lacks on ground. However, controlling the Burst can be difficult at first, as he falls as fast as he soars, which can lead to many suicides. Mastering this technique is key for some later levels in the game.

Much like Shovel Knight, Plague Knight has access to Relics of his own, called Arcana. Interestingly enough, while venturing through the lairs of the Order's members, Plague Knight can find the Relics Shovel Knight would obtain in the main game; it is only possible to find those by taking specific routes only present in Plague of Shadows. Upon acquiring one, Plague Knight will call said relic "useless". Later, in the same level, Plague Knight can find Chester in the same places Shovel Knight finds him. Then, Plague Knight can trade the "useless Relics" he found for Arcana. This explains how Chester came in hand with the Relics Shovel Knight buys from him.

Plague Knight has an energy meter used as fuel for his Arcana. While much smaller than Shovel Knight's mana, this bar slowly fills up upon using an Relic; however, if completely depleted, the player must wait for the bar to refill completely before using an Arcana again. Each Arcana consumes a specific amount of energy.

Despite his low health, Plague Knight can buff his health by consuming special potions. These potions increases his maximum health indefinitely, however should Plague Knight perish in battle, his health will return to its base value. These potions can be found through the levels (most of the are found by "fishing") and can also be bought from the Magicist or received from Baz for free (should the player decides to recruit him). After beating two, five, and eight bosses, Mona (and later Percy) will give the player free health upgrades.

Plague Knight can also equip different kinds of Cloaks, similar to Shovel Knight's Gears. These can be obtained from the Troupple King once the Troupple Chalice is obtained, which will bestows Plague Knight with his blessing in forms of special cloaks rather than potions.

Story Edit

Campaign Edit

Plague Knight appears as one of the members of the Order of no Quarter and is the boss of the Explodatorium. After his defeat to Shovel Knight, Plague Knight returns during the boss rush of Tower of Fate: Ascent. When defeated for the second time, the player has the option of saving the Order of no Quarter as they are all hanging from a chain. During the epilogue Plague Knight is seen giving alchemy lessons.

Plague of Shadows Edit

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

During his own story, it's revealed that Plague Knight had ulterior motives for joining the Enchantress. He is seeking the creating of an Ultimate Potion, a brew that will grant him unlimited power and anything he wants; Mona the Alchemist, and several other characters, are revealed to be secret allies of Plague Knight, practising Alchemy, which is frowned upon by the citizens of the land.

Plague Knight is forbidden from entering the Village, but has an underground secret lair below it, called the Potionarium. It is revealed that Mona's occupation in town is just to cover the entrance to the Potionarium, which can only be accessed through her room. There, Plague Knight, Mona and other characters, including the Magicist, secretly practice Alchemy and work to concoct the Ultimate Potion.

To get the ingredients to create the Ultimate Potion, Plague Knight must acquire essences, which can only be extracted by defeating the other members of the Order of No Quarter, along with the Enchantress and Shovel Knight. The story is retold, this time from Plague Knight's point of view, revealing that the two stories are taking place concurrently. For example, when entering the Potionarium for the first time, Shovel Knight can be briefly seen wandering the town.

Upon defeating each member of the Order, Plague Knight steals their essences, gradually progressing towards the completion of the potion. Upon entering his laboratory at the Explodatorium, however, Plague Knight finds it running haywire and an intruder on the loose; reaching the boss room, Plague Knight then battles the intruder, revealed to be Shovel Knight, the roles reversed as the player becomes the boss instead of fighting one. Although Plague Knight drops Shovel Knight's health to near-zero and begins to steal his essence, Shovel Knight leaps back up and dispatches him, causing him to fly away and vanish into an explosion as normal. Shovel Knight continues his quest, only for Plague Knight to reappear as he sleeps and steal his essence anyways.

After defeating a certain number of the Order, Plague Knight happens upon Mona and the Black Knight. A misunderstanding occurs, and Mona leaves Plague Knight, feeling betrayed, and he faces the Black Knight in battle once more. Upon returning, he finds that Mona hasn't returned indeed, and Percy takes on her duties while Plague Knight continues his quest.

Upon conquering all of the other members of the Order, Plague Knight ascends the Tower of Fate and enters the dining room, where he once again fights the Order, while Shovel Knight recovers from a fall; Shovel Knight then battles Plague Knight, emerging victorious again and sending Plague Knight flying down to the end of the chain. Although he pulls them up, Shovel Knight does not actually lift them off of the chain and instead leaves them hanging, prompting Plague Knight to leap away using his potions; he then ascends to the top of the tower ahead of Shovel Knight and battles the Enchantress.

Although he successfully fights her to a standstill, he does not defeat her nor does he free Shield Knight; the Enchantress willingly gives him her essence, and Plague Knight descends to the bottom of the tower before completing the Ultimate Potion with the assembled essences. However, Black Knight and Mona appear; Plague Knight confesses that his reason for wanting to complete the potion was that he felt he was too weak for Mona to love, and that with the potion, he would finally be strong enough to earn her affection. Mona confesses that she already does love him, and Plague Knight attempts to stop the distillery, but he fails; the potion is unstable, and releases a dark energy that takes the form of Plague Knight himself (the Plague of Shadows). Plague Knight then is forced to do battle with his shadow version, before fighting a monstrous, twisted, giant version of himself (the Corrupted Essence) born from the potion's distillery.

Plague Knight emerges victorious, and successfully brews the Ultimate Potion, but realizes he no longer needs it now that Mona has admitted her love for him. The two of them use it to demolish the Tower of Fate, and are hailed as heroes by the townsfolk rather than outcasts, and they're finally able to practice Alchemy without being feared. As the story ends, the two of them dance together.


Before Shovel Knight Enters (as Plague Knight only) Edit

"Plague Knight: I hear footsteps! Someone's near, HEE HEE HEE!"

After Shovel Knight Enters (as Shovel Knight and Plague Knight) Edit

"Plague Knight: ...HEE! Leave me alone!"
"Shovel Knight: Show yourself, Plague Knight! Your trickery will not stop me."
"Plague Knight: Trickery?! HEE! The fruits of my research are no mere trick! BOOOOM! HEE HEE HEE HEE! Now let's have a lesson, shall we! I promise... HEE! It will be enlightening!"


  • Plague Knight's mask is based on the beak-like mask that plague doctors wore while treating patients during the plagues in Europe. The beak was filled with aromatic herbs that were thought to ward off disease, and the stick was meant to examine people and lift folds of clothing without having to touch them.
  • Like the other "Dig the Vote" winners he has a Steam emoticon.
  • If the player tries to dance anywhere near Mona in her room, Plague Knight will instead act nervously around her (twiddling his fingers and looking downwards).
    • Although Mona is not seen on screen during the second fight against Black Knight, Plague Knight will behave the same if the player tries to dance.
    • Plague Knight cannot dance when fighting the Corrupted Essence.
  • In Plague of Shadows, players can access Plague Knight's room in the Explodatorium. Inside it, a closet can be found, containing variations of the same mask he wears in his campaign, and also the "boss mask" he wears in Shovel Knight's campaign.
  • Notably, in his own campaign, Plague Knight uses different sprites to the ones seen in main campaign.
  • Although it is never actually seen, Plague Knight's hair is supposedly long, as suggested by the Magicist: "Y'know, one thing that really does it for me? Long hair. Maybe you could take down your hood, let it all hang out?"


Boss sprites:Edit

Plague of Shadows sprites: Edit


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