Plague of Shadows
Stage Tower of Fate: ????
Theme The Vital Vitriol
Weapon Bombs

The Plague of Shadows is the penultimate boss in the titular campaign. It appears after Plague Knight has defeated the Enchantress and completed the Serum Supernus, at first as the knight's shadow projected behind him. Its appearance is that of a pitch black Plague Knight from Shovel of Hope.

The Plague of Shadows fights akin to Plague Knight in Shovel of Hope except that the arena is made entirely of rising destructible blocks. Another important note is that Plague Knight's bombs can destroy the vats which Shovel Knight could not do.

Once defeated, the Plague of Shadows transforms into the Corrupted Essence.


"????: You are steadfast in your resolve... Maybe there's hope for us yet..."


  • Notably, its appearance is based on Plague Knight's boss sprite rather than his playable sprite.
  • When the Plague of Shadows takes damage the color cycling reveals the detail on its cloak and mask normally invisible due to its all black palette.
  • This boss was possibly based off of a suggestion by twitter user FireorkNation recommending something similar to the X-Potion from The Candy Box 2.[1]
  • You can defeat it by just doing nothing for about 30-40 seconds, after which it speaks it's line, ending the fight.
  • It is very possible this fight is actually just Plague Knight's imagination, as said here:




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