Screen 07
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Intro
Boss The Black Knight
Theme Strike the Earth!

The Plains, also known as the Plains of Passage, is the first stage Shovel Knight must face in his quest to defeat the Enchantress. At the end of the Plains Shovel Knight encounters and must defeat The Black Knight.

As the introductory stage it is easier than most stages to allow the player to get familiar with Shovel Knight as well as ensure they have discovered the Shovel Drop.

In the Plague of Shadows this stage is altered to test the player on the use of Plague Knight's Bomb Burst.

Description Edit

The Plains is a lush, green forest-like area inhabited by Boneclangs, Beetos, and other different creatures. It has many secret destructable walls and large caverns, moving platforms, bottomless pits, spikes, and large dirt piles. In this stage, checkpoints are indestructable, similar to Tower of Fate: ????. As mentioned above, it is very easy as the introductory stage. "Strike the Earth!" plays here and "The Rival" plays during the boss fight.

Enemies Encountered Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Theme for this stage, "Strike The Earth", is a reference to the indie simulation game Dwarf Fortress.
  • As the easiest stage in the game it is the only one where the boss possesses twelve hit points instead of the usual twenty.
  • The Plains has the most common tileset in the game; being used in the Forest of Phasing and the Plains Encounter Stage.
  • In many above-ground areas, the Tower of Fate can be seen in the background.
  • There actually is an image for the Plains for when the stage hasn't been completed yet. This is normally unseen by the player since the Plains is always completed first.
    SoT Beta

    The Magic Mirror from Specter of Torment's demo with the Plains incomplete.

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