Playing Kid is a minor character in Shovel of Hope. He enjoys running around.


The Playing Kid is a young human with black hair and baggy blue clothes.


The Playing Kid can be found in the Village, running back and forth out back near the Hoop Kid and the Hedge Farmer. He tells to whoever wants to hear him how he is the fastest.

He reappears in the ending at the Clockwork Tower along with the Hoop Kid, waiting for Tinker Knight to finish building an automated toy replica of his tank with the help of the Shovel Smith and the Armorer. Once the toy built, he runs after it.


"Playing Kid: I'm the FASTEST! No one can outrun me!"


  • In one of her concept art, he was supposedly playing hopscotch. In another one, he plays hoop with the Hoop Kid, her carrying the hoop, him the stick.[1]




  1. Shovel Knight: Official Design Works

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