Pridemoor Keep
Screen 08
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Order of No Quarter
Valley Quadrant First
Boss King Knight
Theme In the Halls of the Usurper
SoT Theme In the Halls of the King
Relic Flare Wand
Arcana Big Boom

Pridemoor Keep is the stage of King Knight. It is a stage that is based on a castle, with wizard enemies, knight enemies, and strange flying rodent enemies throughout the stage. It was the former home of the Deposed King residing in the Village. This stage also contains Music Sheets 23 and 24.

Description Edit

Pridemoor Keep is a large, gold-colored castle originally owned by the Deposed King and then taken over by King Knight. Its flooring is mostly composed of red carpets, and is littered with red banners, Goldarmor statues, dangerously unstable chandaliers, pots of boiling lava, and many, many more dangerous or purely aesthetic features. Red and gold is a very prominent palette in this level, and the purple background might suggest this stage takes place sometime at dawn. The castle is guarded by two Griffoths, Plume and Beaky. King Knight resides in the Throne Room, where the boss battle takes place. In the Halls of the Usurper plays here, and The Decadent Dandy plays during the boss fight.

In all campaigns, it is considered to be one of the easiest levels, as it contains only one hard section which is mandatory to finish the level, the rest of the hard sections are optional. 

During Specter of Torment Edit

The castle was not gold-colored during the gameplay, but some special golden-colored Wizzems turned the castle into gold in the ending.

Enemies Encountered Edit

Obstacles Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Deposed King's comments, it appears that the two Griffoth's encountered in Pridemoor Keep are named Plume and Beaky.
  • Pridemoor Keep is the only stage where the special Plague Knight section isn't marked with a Cipher Coin embedded in a wall.
  • In the beginning of this stage, if you destroy the wall above Music Sheet 23 you can see Yacht Club Games logo.

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