Propeller Rats are small airborne enemies that look like brown rats with propellers strapped to their backs. They posses only one hit point and can only slowly hover towards their target. In Shovel of Hope and Specter of Torment they are often positioned so that Shovel Knight and Specter Knight can Shovel Drop/Dash Slash into them to reach elevated places. When defeated they drop a 5 gold worth blue gem.

Scissors Propeller Rat Edit


This is a version of the propeller rat exclusive to the Xbox One and PC versions of Shovel Knight, and can be found only in the Battletoads boss fight, trying cut Shovel Knight's ropes in the first portion, or to simply hurt him. These Propeller Rats are also the only enemy, besides the Beetos, to being able to be juggled. Doing so will progressively increase the value of treasure dropped, a reference of the original Battletoads videogame, where enemies could be juggled for extra points.

Wall Carrier Propeller Rat Edit

Carrier rat

This is also a propeller rat exclusive to the Xbox One and Pc, which carries small red walls, that can be dropped at the end of the path Shovel Knight is driving on. The short walls can be difficult to avoid alongside tall walls, Birders, and ramps.

Propeller Rat Cluster Edit

This is a variant of the Propellor Rat introduced in the King of Cards campaign. It's basically a cluster of five Propeller Rats stuck together. As such, it must be hit five times to be fully defeated (one for each rat). Other than that, it's basically the same as a normal Propeller Rat.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being rats, Propeller Rats are shown to posses a mildly high intelligence, as they are able to use scissors and had been seen attending Creech's bar in Specter of Torment.
  • The Cluster variant of Propeller Rats is a reference to the real life phenomenon of Rat Kings, an occurrence which was fittingly more frequent during the middle-ages.

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