An advanced cloak. Hold [Down] when landing to grind quickly along surfaces and spikes as if they were rails!

The Rail Mail is a Cloak, that Specter Knight can buy from Manny for 6000 gold.

It provides the ability to grind on any surface, including spikes. Even though it is used for faster traveling, it may be tough to control, since Specter Knight can still fall into bottomless pits.

By grinding on the ground in front of the Edge Farmer, he will be impressed and give Specter Knight 150 gold.

Trivia Edit

  • In the official trailer for Specter of Torment, the Mail looked very different than in the final variant of the game. In the trailer it is blue, but in the game, it is grayish with a bit of brown.
  • Parts of the Cloak change in color when Specter Knight grinds. Grinding right makes them blue, and grinding left makes them red.
  • The wandering Tundread NPC, who expresses his fondness for the Rail Mail, will stop on his tracks with an amazed look on his face if Specter Knight uses the Rail Mail in his presence.
  • The Rail Mail is similar to the Goo Garment, as both Cloaks grant increased speed movement by changing how the knights interact with the ground.

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