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My heart grows cold... I have located new Curios, but have you found any Red Skulls?
Red Art
Type Merchant
Locations Tower of Fate

Red is a character in Specter of Torment. Specter Knight can trade Red Skulls with him in exchange for new Curios. He was a Curio hunter in his life, so he can locate the ones that are hidden in the Tower of Fate and take Specter Knight to their locations to retrieve them. The reason he accepts Red Skulls as currency is because he's trying to find his lost lover, Scarlet.

When buying a Curio, you are forced to enter a gauntlet where it is being guarded. These locations are normally cursed, forcing you to use the curio instead of your other attacks. However, ambient Darkness is available in case you get low on health. The only exception is the Shadow Mirror, which requires scythe swings to function.

After you have completely finished buying Curios, Red will begin buying skulls at a price of 500 gold each, the same as giving a Music Sheet to Bard or Percy in the other adventures. Only now can you give him Scarlet's skull if you have it in your possession.

Appearance Edit

He is a red skeleton with a black and red outfit and a hat with a large feather in it. He is often seen holding a Red Skull in his hand.

Trivia Edit

  • When entering the Will Skull's chamber, Specter Knight will not land on his feet and will be reduced to half a health bubble at the start of the escape.
  • After collecting all 100 Red Skulls, he gives Specter Knight the Donovan Set and Caltrops.
  • If Scarlet is found before the end of Specter of Torment, Red can be seen dancing with her in a house at the Lich Yard in the ending. Otherwise, he will be alone during this part of the ending.
  • The character maybe a reference to the character 'Red' from the movie the Shawshank Redemption. They are similar in name, in purpose (being the guy who can get you things) and both have a similar kind of hat (Shovel Knight-Red has an added feather).


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