Red Skulls are collectible items found throughout the Specter of Torment campaign. They can be traded to Red in exchange for Curios. Similar to Cipher Coins and Music Sheets, once a skull is collected it will be replaced with a grayed out version to mark its former location, which will not increase the amount of skulls the player has if collected. In total, there are 100 red skulls in the game, 10 in each stage, 3 in the hub area, and 7 in the Tower of Fate level.

After trading for all Curios, Red will pay 500 gold for each remaining red skull.

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an event that occurs later in the game.

The 80th Red Skull (wherever it is found) is the one of Scarlet. Returning this skull activates the reunion cutscene.

Reward for collecting all Red Skulls comes in a form of Donovan Set and Caltrops.

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