Reize Seatlan
Theme Fighting With All of Our Might
Weapon Crystal Boomerangs
Knight's Code, first vow: Always help a person in need!

Reize Seatlan is one of the wandering travelers encountered throughout Shovel Knight. Reize was designed by Danny D. Henderson, aka Seizui, as a Director for a Day.[1]

Official BioEdit

A group of evil knights is terrorizing the countryside? Reize Seatlan is on the scene! This plucky young adventurer travels the land, helping people in need and following his own invented Knight’s Vows. But which of these knights are good, and which ones are bad? Reize is a bit naive but always well-intentioned. How will his twin crystal boomerangs fare against a Shovel Blade?


Shovel of HopeEdit

Reize appears an optional encounter in which he mistakes Shovel Knight for an enemy and fights him. When defeated he refuses to give in to fear and demands Shovel Knight strike him down. When Shovel Knight explains he is not a villainous knight, Reize is somewhat embarrassed and leaves Shovel Knight with some gold and a music sheet.

In the Xbox One and PC versions he can be found in the Mysterious Area in which he expresses an admiration of Baz and asks to be his student.

During the credits, Reize is seen working together with the other Wandering Travelers to fight some Liquid Samurais.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In the expansion, Plague Knight can encounter Reize as an optional Boss, much like with Shovel Knight. Reize will then ask Plague Knight to help him with his Alchemy in order to make his crush fall in love with him via a love potion.

Specter of TormentEdit

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an event that occurs later in the game.

Specter Knight encounters Reize after visiting three recruits for the the Order of No Quarter. Reize invades the Tower of Fate when the players go to the Magic Mirror room. The Enchantress appears and then shoots magic at him, corrupting him into Dark Reize, who then fights Specter Knight to test his newfound powers. After the fight, Reize becomes the guard of the Magic Mirror.

After recruiting all of the knights and fighting Black Knight once again, Specter Knight fights The Enchantress. After defeating her, The Enchantress summons Dark Reize, transforming him into his "true form" as the final boss of the campaign. Specter Knight fights and manages to defeat him, but when The Enchantress attempts to take control of Reize once more in order to have him be the final member of the Order of No Quarter, Specter Knight prevents her from doing so, using his Keepsake Locket to turn Reize back to normal but relinquishing his own freedom in the process. He then carries Reize to safety to the house of Hedge Farmer and Hedge Pupil in the Village. In the final flashback, it is revealed that Reize is the son of Specter Knight's former partner Luan.


Shovel of HopeEdit

Before his fight:

"Reize: North from Pridemoor, west at the fork... Oh bother, I must have passed it already..."
"Shovel Knight: Well met, traveler!"
"Reize: OOOI! Maybe YOU can help me! I think I got lost, I was trying to-- Waaaaait a second! You're the knight with a shovel!"
"Shovel Knight: Indeed, I am th--"
"Reize: The knight with a shovel who has been... MENACING THE VILLAGE!"
"Shovel Knight: I... I assure you, I have done no such--"
"Reize: You gonna use that shovel to BURY INNOCENT PEOPLE? Your reign of terror ends here!"

After the fight:

"Reize: Do your worst, villain, strike me down!"
"Shovel Knight: I'm no villain! We're fighting a common enemy!"
"Reize: We... we are? Wh-why didn't you say so? Wow, I feel like a fool now."
"Shovel Knight: Think nothing of it, friend. Knights are strongest when they work together!"
"Reize: Yeah! Knight's Code, first vow: Always help a person in need! Knock 'em down, Shovel Knight!"

At the Mysterious Area:

"Reize: I already think you're the greatest, Baz! Will you be my teacher?"

Plague of ShadowsEdit

Before his fight:

"Plague Knight: ..."
"Reize: *GASP* I thought I heard someone. Hey, you! With the bird mask! I know ALLLLL about you... You're a legendary alchemist! I'm a hero too, I'll have you know. A hero in training, of course!"
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Reize: You look like someone I can trust, so I'll let you in on a huge secret: I have a crush on a girl!"
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Reize: You know how to brew love potions, right? How about this! If I can beat you in a friendly sparring match...."
"Plague Knight: I don't have time to play around with you, kid!"
"Reize: Oh come on, ya BIG STICK IN A MUD! If you win, I'll... tell you my funniest joke!"

After the fight:

"Reize: Well, you beat me fair and square! Guess I'm gonna have to woo my beloved the OLD-FASHIONED way! Ah, win some, lose some. Well, whatever... it's TELLIN' A JOKE TIME! How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? ... Ten tickles! GAHAHAHAHA! Tee-hee!"
"Plague Knight: Ten... ten tickles...... TEN TICKLES! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, how devious! Hee hee!"
"Reize: Yeah!!!!! It's a Reize original. Just remember - knight's code, fifty-fifth vow: mirth makes worth!"

Specter of TormentEdit

After completing four stages:

"Reize: Stop right there! Reize is here to save the day!"
"Specter Knight: ........ Reize?"
"Reize: The one and only! Uncle said there's evil stuff going on in here. And when evil's afoot, Reize is on the rise!"
"Specter Knight: Childish...You don't belong in this place... Run along, before you get hurt!"
"The Enchantress: Who dares to intrude on my tower?"
"Reize: Hey lady! My name's Reize. Are you up here to help me beat these guys up?"
"The Enchantress: Oh.. HO HO HO HO. Looking for an apprentice of your own, Specter Knight?"
"Specter Knight: He's nobody! Just a naive kid. Let him be... I'll escort him out myself."
"The Enchantress: A NOBODY, you say? Well that just won't do. Let's make something of him, shall we?"
"Reize: What? What are you doing to me?! The darkness... IT HURTS!! Stop! ARRRGHHHHH!"
"Reize: So.. potent... Ha ha ha!! Now this is the kind of feeling I could get used to! Put 'em up, skinny. Why don't we take my new powers for a spin?"

After Specter Knight relinquishes his humanity:

"The Enchantress: HA! Reize has played his part well. With the power of the locket squandered on this whelp, your life is forfeit... Now, YOU BELONG TO ME!"
"Reize: *COUGH* ...D-D-Donovan?"
"The Enchantress: Henceforth and forever you will serve me in the Lich Yard! A fitting post, don't you think? Ha HA HA!"
"Specter Knight: ..."


  • Reize appeared in other works since Sezui created him in 2001.
    • He first appeared in another indie title called Valdis Story.
    • He made a cameo in the comic Hero Party.[2]
  • Reize's last name is never mentioned in-game, although it was when first introduced on the game's Kickstarter.
  • Reize seemingly has poor judgement or bad luck with information; he mistakes Shovel Knight for a villain (most likely Black Knight) and Plague Knight for a hero. This causes him some trouble in Specter of Torment, when he breaks into the Tower of Fate and mistakes the Enchantress for an ally when she appears, getting corrupted against his will as a result.
  • His father, Luan, is Specter Knight's former partner, as shown in Specter of Torment.
  • Reize has an altered portrait for the Japanese version of the game.
  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for Reize, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.



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