Relics are the items that Shovel Knight can use as alternate weapons than the Shovel Blade. These Relics can be found in each Order of No Quarter stage by opening a blue chest hidden in every dungeon and by buying them from Chester for a price. After you finish the level without buying the Relic in the stage from Chester, he will sell it in the Village for a higher Price. In order to use Relics, you need enough magic that the relic uses and your magic meter will deplete every time you use a Relic. You can buy magic increases from the Magicist. You use them by pressing Up + Attack or the Relic Button. Relics owned can be freely switched between from the relic tab.

In Plague Knight's campaign he encounters the same various relics but deems them worthless and trades them to Chester for Arcana. This explains how Chester came in hand with the Relics Shovel Knight buys from him. Until he trades them away they are kept in the Relic Heap in the Gear tab. Each Relic can be traded for the appropriate Arcana and should the Arcana be purchased without the Relic, the Relic becomes useless.

Types of RelicsEdit

Name Magic Stage Stage Price Village Price
Flare Wand 4 Pridemoor Keep 1000 2000
Phase Locket 6 The Lich Yard 1000 2000
Dust Knuckles 2 Lost City 3000 3500
Throwing Anchor 6 Iron Whale 3000 3500
Alchemy Coin 8 Explodatorium 3000 3500
Mobile Gear 6 Clockwork Tower 3000 3500
War Horn 20 Stranded Ship 4000 5000
Propeller Dagger 4 Flying Machine 4000 5000
Fishing Rod 6 N/A N/A 1250
Chaos Sphere 6 N/A N/A 2500
Troupple Chalice N/A N/A N/A 1500
Troupple Chalice N/A N/A N/A 1500

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