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The relic selection screen.

When the amiibo is used in the Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope campaign, the player unlock the Custom Knight, who can access more relics as their amiibo levels up through acquiring treasures. All of the original relics can be unlocked, and many of the exclusive relics are more powerful versions of the original ones. These relics function like other relics, costing Magic to use; having a limited use rate; and can be switched via the pause menu, the Wii U gamepad screen, the 3DS or Switch touch screen, and the "switch relic" buttons.

List of exclusive relics. Edit

The relics that are obtainable in the regular Shovel of Hope campaign are not listed here.

Relic Image Usage
Bait Bomb
Just like the Arcana in Plague of Shadows
Flareo Rod
Similar to the Flare Wand, but unleashes an explosion, similar to explosions caused by the Cluster Powder, but these are red instead of yellow.
Rising Dagger
Similar to the Propeller Dagger, only you rise upwards.
Also similar to the Propeller Dagger, only you fly infinitely in one direction until Shovel Knight collides with an object.
Tow Anchor
Similar to the Throwing Anchor, except you hold on to the anchor as it moves and, because of this, can't pass through walls.
Ghost Glove
This relic looks similar to the Dust Knuckles. This relic launches a projectile in a similar way to the Flare Rod, but with a much shorter range.
Buzzsaw Boomerang
A projectile that flies in a similar pattern to the projectiles launched by Cogslotters.
Fleet Flask
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.55.19 PM
Just like the Arcana in Plague of Shadows
Shadow Knight
Similar to the Shadow Mirror, this releases a purple copy of Shovel Knight that drain Magic constantly and remains a fixed distance in front of Shovel Knight. The Shadow jumps and Shovel Drops when Shovel Knight does but, Shovel Knight does not attack regularly, only the shadow does when this relic is in use. The shadow also does not take damage and is not affected by gravity.

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