The Remnant of Fate
Stage Tower of Fate: ????
Theme The Betrayer

The Remnant of Fate is the final boss of Shovel of Hope and is the final form of the Enchantress. Shovel Knight fights the Remnant of Fate with Shield Knight at his side.

Attacks Edit

The Remnant of Fate has only four attacks. One is to raise one arm and unleash two pink energy balls moving side to side. Another is unleashing a stream of smaller energy balls that travel across the screen. When this attack is used Shovel Knight can only avoid damage by staying on one side of Shield Knight, who will raise her shield to destroy some of the projectiles. After taking damage, The Remnant of Fate will crash down on one of the platforms causing it to disappear, leaving a pit. Lastly, The Remnant of Fate can summon three to four pink energy balls, releasing them all at once or two at a time.

Strategy Edit

The only way a player can attack The Remnant of Fate, besides using the War Horn, is by doing the Shovel Drop whenever Shield Knight jumps up and holds her shield upright and going on top of The Remnant of Fate's head. Any magic should mainly be used for the Phase Locket, as with most other relics it would be hard to attack The Remnant of Fate's head.

The player can also use the Propeller Dagger to stay in the air after jumping off Shield Knight and attacking The Remnant's head with it.

Trivia Edit

  • The Remnant of Fate is one of 4 bosses only fought in Shovel of Hope. The other ones are The Big Creep, Kratos, and the Battletoads.
  • The Remnant of Fate is the only female boss besides Shield Knight and The Enchantress.
  • The Remnant of Fate is the only boss besides The Big Creep and the Corrupted Essence to not have dialogue.
  • The Remnant of Fate's appearance does not change to resemble The Enchanter in Body Swap Mode.

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