Scholar Art

Artwork of the Scholar.

The Scholar is a character in Shovel of Hope. He can be found in the Armor Outpost, on top of the airship. He appears to be the operator, if not owner, of the Catapult there. He reappears later in the Explodatorium after the Enchantress was defeated, in Plague Knight's advanced potion class.


The Scholar is an anthropomorphic horse, much like the Adventurer. He wears a blue tunic with a matching feather hat.


"Scholar: Hm... If I adjust the trajectory, I should be able to target the Village! I simply adore ballistic physics!"


  • The Scholar may well be Percy of Team Plague as they wear similar (though not identical) outfits, have the same artwork reused for one of the cover art of Plague of Shadows and both have an affection for ballistic physics.
  • Percy's sprite model is closer to the look of the original artwork than the Scholar's.



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