Cast a reflection and attack from a distance.

The Shadow Mirror is a Curio that Specter Knight can purchase from Red for 6 Red Skulls after completing Pridemoor Keep.

When used, a shadowy doppelganger is projected in front of Specter Knight, mimicking his movements and extending his attack range by proxy. The mirror itself does not use up Darkness; instead, Darkness is drained for every attack the reflection makes.

Pressing the Curio button while the mirror is active will cause the reflection to disappear. The reflection also vanishes if the player does not have enough Darkness to mimic an attack.

When upgraded, the mirror's reflection extends out further and it can be used to pick up items from a distance (except for Red Skulls).


  • While most of the Curio stages are cursed so that Specter Knight cannot use his scythe, the stage for this Curio is the only exception.

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