Shield Knight
Stage Memory of Conflict (Specter of Torment)
Theme Go No Further!
Weapon Asymmetrical Shields

You knew I was still there, even though it seemed hopeless. You never gave up on me!

Shield Knight is one of the main characters of Shovel Knight and one of many Knights that inhabit its world. She is Shovel Knight's partner and love interest.

Official BioEdit

Often, the best offense is a good defense, and Shield Knight knows it. Wielding a pair of Asymmetrical Shields, she deflects both melee and projectile attacks easily before getting into range and crushing her foes! For years, Shield Knight and Shovel Knight were inseparable partners in adventuring; with their expert use of unconventional weapons, they worked as one. Now, Shield Knight’s fate is unknown, but Shovel Knight’s goal is clear: he must journey to find Shield Knight, his lost beloved.
  • Pros: Confident, Powerful, and Tenacious
  • Cons: Occasional Recklessness

Specter of TormentEdit

Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an event that occurs later in the game.

In Specter of Torment, Shield Knight is fought as a boss in a flashback of the Tower of Fate. Once Donovan and Luan have made it to the top, where the magical amulet was located, Shield Knight appeared on the scene, warning the two that the amulet has dangerous powers beyond their control, and telling the two to flee while she was there to destroy the amulet. However, Donovan insisted on taking the amulet, believing Shield Knight simply wanted to take the amulet for herself, while Luan stayed back, believing what Shield Knight said to be true. This results in Shield Knight attacking, attempting to use force to get the two to flee.

As a BossEdit

In battle, Shield Knight will run back and forth across the arena, using her large shield to block any frontal attacks as she rushes forward. She's capable of throwing her shield, which will return back to her shortly after it's thrown, but it leaves her wide open while the shield is away from her. Also, Shield Knight will perform a shield bash which she charges forward shield first, and if she rams into either of the walls, it will cause a row of blocks from the ceiling to fall, possibly dealing damage if Donovan fails to avoid it. Eventually, as her health reaches a low point, Shield Knight will also throw her smaller shield, which will bounce around the arena in a random pattern.


As Shovel Knight:Edit

Immediately after being freed from The Enchantress:Edit

"Shield Knight: ...You caught me."
"Shovel Knight: If only I had known, I would have come sooner!"
"Shield Knight: You knew I was still there, even though it seemed hopeless. You never gave up on me!"
"Shovel Knight: I will NEVER give up on you. I will follow you to the end of the world."
"Shield Knight: It appears that maybe you have."
"Shovel Knight: What's happening!?"
"Shield Knight: Oh, no... When the amulet shattered, the magic within it was released! It's already gathering. It will escape and wreak havoc on everything..."
"Shovel Knight: Unless we stop it."
"Shield Knight: Unless we stop it! We can destroy it for good, here and now!"
"Shovel Knight: But we're both weak from battle!"
"Shield Knight: I've never been more ready. Come on, Shovel Knight, let's fight together, like old times! Now... stay close to me!"

After defeating the Remnant of Fate:Edit

"Shield Knight: It's over, Shovel Knight. This place is falling apart. We have to get out of here!"
"Shovel Knight: Let's go! I know a route that-"
(Shovel Knight gets blasted by a stream of energy from the dying Remnant of Fate's mouth. As Shield Knight jumps up and blocks the energy stream, Black Knight arrives.)
"Black Knight: Shield Knight!"
"Shield Knight: Black Knight, thank goodness you're here! Shovel Knight is wounded, take him and get outside!"
"Black Knight: NO!! I can't leave you behind! How will you escape?"
"Shield Knight: This magic is too strong! I... can't... hold out... much longer..."
"Black Knight: RUN! You can't deflect it, it will tear you apart!"
"Shield Knight: I'm... so happy... I got to see you both... one last time..."
"Black Knight: SHIELD KNIGHT!!!"

As Specter Knight:Edit

At the Tower of Fate, in one of Specter Knight's flashbacks, before fighting Shield Knight:Edit

"Luan: Is... Is that the amulet?"
"Donovan: It's ours! Finally!"
(Shield Knight leaps over on the opposite side of the area)
"Shield Knight: Stay where you are! That amulet has powers far beyond your control! I am here to destroy it, once and for all!"
"Luan: But... I seek only to protect my son! My intentions are pure!"
"Shield Knight: Protect him, then, by fleeing this place and never looking back!"
"Donovan: ...Heh. You want it for yourself. You can't fool me. Luan, would you do the honors?"
"Luan: Just a moment! If what she's saying is true, then... Might we be a bit more cautious?"
"Donovan: You would let some pompous knight tell us what we can and can't take? Who is this busybody anyway?"
"Shield Knight: I am Shield Knight, and I will not let you pass!"

After defeating Shield Knight:Edit

"Luan: Donovan! The tower crumbles around us! We must leave at once!"
"Donovan: I never knew you as a coward, Luan! We'll leave once we have our prize!"
"Shield Knight: STAY AWAY! You meddle with forces you do not understand!"
"Luan: Please, Donovan, I'M BEGGING YOU! Leave the amulet, it's not worth it!"
"Donovan: NEVER! OUT OF MY WAY!"
(Donovan rushes and slashes at Luan, knocking him into a pillar, causing it to crumble.)
"Donovan: And you! You won't stop me either! Have at you!"




  • She is the only named female knight.
  • She and Polar Knight are the only knights whose helmets don't cover most of their faces.
  • Shield Knight is the only boss that's fought in a special mid-stage event, which in this case is the Tower of Fate flashbacks in the Specter of Torment Campaign.
  • Shield Knight seems to be based on Captain America, resembling his helmet with wings and his weapon of choice. She also throws her shield just like him during her boss battle.
  • There is official key art of her without her helmet, only seen in the Shovel Knight Official Design Works artbook, depicting her with long tan hair.
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