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The Shovel Blade is Shovel Knight's signature weapon. It is a versatile tool used for digging as well as attacking and is the only offensive gear that he can equip. Both Shovel Knight and the Black Knight use a Shovel Blade as their weapon of choice.

There are three upgrades Shovel Knight can purchase for the Shovel Blade from the Shovel Smith at the Armor Outpost:

Trivia Edit

  • In the Shovel Smith's shop the player can see a green Shovel Blade by a helmet of the same color.
  • A wandering NPC who rarely appears at the Armor Outpost also uses a Shovel Blade.
  • Shovel Knight's gelatinous doppelgangers Slimulacra also possess Shovel Blades.
  • In a similar fashion, Polar Knight wields a Snow Shovel, and it is implied he also followed the Code of Shovelry before he began serving The Enchantress, as referred by his relationship with Shovel Knight and Black Knight.

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