The Shovel Drop is Shovel Knight's ability to hold his shovel below him while in midair allowing him to bounce on most enemies and breakable objects. Once the move is initiated in midair, Shovel Knight will remain in Shovel Drop mode until you land, take damage, or press the attack button. Shovel Dropping has the same power as a normal swing of the shovel.


Shovel Dropping can be very useful for staying above enemies, like during the fights against the Enchantress and other bosses, but also against many common enemies throughout the land. There are enemies throughout the levels that can counter Shovel Dropping, such as the Fire Blorb which will damage Shovel Knight and take no damage from a Shovel Drop.

In the Village, there's a Hoop Kid who follows a hoop around. You can shovel drop on this hoop and if you manage to bounce on it for a consecutive five seconds, you get the "Hooper" feat.

With the Dynamo Mail equipped, two consecutive shovel drops will result in a Charge Slash: Shovel Knight blinks blue and his next shovel swing (on the ground or in the air, doesn't matter) will be a charge slash attack, which deals double damage. 

Trivia Edit

  • A common misconception is that the Shovel Drop was based on the pogo jump from DuckTales (video game), but it was actually based on Link's sword drop from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

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