Special Moves, are extra support abilities mostly centered around the movement options of the Custom Knight, unlocked by using an amiibo with its respective campaign. More features can be accessed as the amiibo levels up through acquiring treasures. These moves can be switched in the pause menu.

List of Special MovesEdit

Special Move Image Description
Dash Boots
Double tap in one direction to sprint in that direction.
Shovel Blade Max
Fully upgrade your Shovel Blade with Charge Handle, Trench Blade, and Drop Spark.
Glide Cloud
Float slowly to the ground by holding jump.
Double Jump
Gain extra height by jumping again in the air.
Diagonal Drop
Your Shovel Drop now descends at an angle.
Bounce Bomb
Throw small explosives, just like Plague Knight!

Trivia Edit

  • The Dash Boots's sprint motion is similar to the same kind of movement enabled by the Toad Gear.
  • When using Shovel Blade Max, If a charge move is already equipped, the Charge Handle upgrade will be disabled.
  • The Glide Cloud gliding motion is very similar to Plague Knight's Float Burst, while Double Jump resembles Plague Knight's natural double jump.
  • The bombs thrown with the Bounce Bomb resembles Plague Knight's own standard Bomb combination of Bounce Casing, Black Powder and Standard Fuse.

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