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Specter Knight
Stage The Lich Yard
Theme The Apparition
Weapon Scythe

She granted me new life... So that I may take yours!

Specter Knight, known as Donovan in life, is one of eight Knights of "The Order of No Quarter" who serves the Enchantress. He is the boss of the Lich Yard.

Specter Knight is the protagonist of Specter of Torment.

Official BioEdit

In life, Specter Knight was a cruel and cunning warrior. And although his blood is now icy cold, he is no less formidable as a phantasm. The most begrudgingly loyal knight of the Order, Specter Knight follows the Enchantress only because she is capable of magically extending his undeath. Clutching a grim Scythe in his shriveled claws, Specter Knight commands his weapon with uncommon cunning... and his next target is Shovel Knight.
  • Pros: Tattered crimson cloak, supernatural scythe, immortality
  • Cons: Overly sentimental, tries too hard to act cool

Personality Edit

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Specter Knight is a thoroughly cruel Knight, showing sheer coldness towards his enemies, as well somewhat sarcastic. He was resurrected by the Enchantress after falling to his death.

When about to face Shovel Knight, he taunts him with the memory of Shield Knight by insisting she is dead. Before battling Plague Knight, he is quick to mock him for his cowardice, being the only one able to reduce Plague Knight to stunned silence. Whilst many of his comrades acknowledge Shovel Knight's strength to some extent after the Battle Royale, Specter Knight instead affirms his faith in the Enchantress and assures Shovel Knight that he cannot succeed.

As shown in Specter of Torment, this loyalty is largely an act. In reality, Specter Knight hates the Enchantress and deeply resents having been brought back from the dead, only serving her because her magic forces his obedience and he wants to protect Reize Seatlan from being brainwashed and forced to join the Order of No Quarter. While he can be genuinely ruthless and greedy, he is not a heartless person. He feels guilty over having accidentally helped the Enchantress possess Shield Knight due to his own recklessness and obsession over the amulet that contains the Enchantress' soul. He initially believes Shield Knight to be treacherous. He does not believe that there is anything left of Shield Knight in the Enchantress, and that attempting to return her to normal is a pointless endeavor.


Specter Knight utilizes the lighting of the stage and the skeleton enemies found earlier in the stage to bolster his defenses, using darkness to hinder his opponent's sight.


  • Scythe Charge
    • Specter Knight raises his scythe briefly before charging. Upon reaching the player's location, he unleashes a powerful slash, similar to Shovel Knight's Charge Slash, then slowly drifts back to the side of the arena. This attack is easily avoided by jumping and Shovel Dropping on his head.
  • Scythe Toss
    • Specter Knight moves to one of the four corners of the arena and tosses his scythe toward any corner of the arena in an arcing trajectory. While the scythe is spinning, he will teleport to whichever corner of the arena his scythe is heading toward (unless its trajectory is set to return to him).
  • Raise Dead
    • Specter Knight will raise his fist into the air and summon three Brittle Boneclangs, one on each platform and one on the ground. Given their fragility, they serve more as a distraction than a serious threat, although they can drop jars.
  • Purge
    • Specter Knight raises his fist and absorbs all present Boneclangs, restoring a bit of his health for each one.
  • Scythe Slash
    • This is a close range attack. Specter Knight holds his scythe behind him and floats into close range to attack.
  • Lightning Strike
    • Specter Knight raises his fist, shrouding the stage in darkness and making his attacks difficult to see. Occasionally lightning flashes, giving the player a brief view of what's happening. This will only occur after the player have reduced Specter Knight's health to three full circles or less.

One of the easier ways to defeat Specter Knight is to use a combination of the Phase Locket and the shovel. The Phase Locket can be used to easily avoid Specter Knight's Scythe Charge and Scythe Toss attacks which can be difficult to dodge. If you have the Ornate Plate you can see where you are, despite the darkness.

As a playable characterEdit

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Similarly to Plague Knight in Plague of Shadows, in Specter of Torment, Specter Knight receives a new sprite set, that makes him smaller (almost the same size of Shovel Knight) with unique animations for walking, jumping, climbing, among others. His design has been slightly tweaked, "rounder" proportions, and his cloak no longer covers the majority of his body, allowing players to see his armor.

Specter Knight's gameplay is melee oriented, using his Scythe as his primary way of attack. He can perform an attack called Dash Slash against enemies and certain objects while airborne; a gash will appear on the target, and if the attack button is pressed, Specter Knight will fly through the target with a scythe attack. He can Dash Slash downward/upwards if he is above/below his target, respectively; it is also possible to perform Chain Dash Slashes by hitting opponents/objects multiple times.

Much like Plague Knight, Specter Knight has a very short jumping height. This is balanced by his ability to use Chain Dashes, and he can also climb walls and perform wall-jumps, granting him high mobility.

He also has the ability to break dirt blocks by simply jumping off of them, but he completely falls though sand blocks due to this ability.

Similarly to Shovel Knight, Specter Knight can access Relics of his own, called Curios, which require Darkness (the equivalent of Shovel Knight's Magic bar) in order to be used. Darkness can be replenished by defeating enemies, or collecting Darkness Jars, which drops from opponents and breakable objects. Each Curio consumes a specific amount of Darkness. In addition, In order to unlock Curios, Specter Knight must collect Red Skulls, which are scattered on each stage, in a similar way to Cipher Coins in Plague of Shadows.

Specter Knight can also equip different kinds of Cloaks, similar to Shovel Knight's Gears and Plague Knight's Cloaks. These can be bought from Manny in the Tower of Fate.


As Shovel KnightEdit

"Specter Knight: This is no place for the living, mortal. You shall be summoned when it is your time. And everyone has a time, as we saw with your beloved Shield Knight."
"Shovel Knight: Lies! I won't believe such talk from phantoms! Your very existence is a vile deception!"
"Specter Knight: Heh heh heh... The Enchantress is just full of surprises. She granted me new life... So that I may take yours!"

As Plague KnightEdit

"Specter Knight: So, reaper meets reaper. But you are no kindred spirit. What have you come to harvest, foolish alchemist?"
"Plague Knight: Hahaha! If only you could see me yawning under this mask! Ooooooh, spooky ghost! Whee hee haa haaaa!"
"Specter Knight: Hss.... A mask indeed. As befits a hollow, blustering fool. You hide only from yourself!"
"Plague Knight: ..."
"Specter Knight: How tragic that you shall never emerge from cowardice! For here... your story must end."

Stage Introduction SplashesEdit

  • Press Onward!
  • Into the Shadows
  • Darkness!
  • Summon thy Scythe
  • From the Shadows
  • Blight the Earth
  • Hone your Edge
  • Reap your Rewards
  • Into Oblivion
  • Darkness Looms
  • The Reaper Cometh
  • Dash and Slash


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.
  • Specter Knight appears to be based on the concept of the Grim Reaper.
  • Like the other "Dig the Vote" winners, he has his own Steam emoticon.
  • The credits of Plague of Shadows show him upset over the missing Phase Locket. Yacht Club Games had confirmed that it would be in Specter Knight's campaign in their Reddit AMA.
    • He then uses some kind of magic to lift up the chest and cut it, hinting that he may have powers beyond what he's shown.
  • Since the Enchantress is defeated by the end of game, it is unknown how long Specter Knight will be able to maintain his state of undeath before succumbing to death again, or if he will continue living as a ghost.
  • If there are Brittle Boneclangs present when Specter Knight is defeated, they will run away.
  • In Plague of Shadows, a game-breaking glitch can occur after defeating Specter Knight and/or King Knight. After beating either one and returning to the Potionarium, the game may freeze after the dialogue between Mona and Plague Knight, making impossible to continue the game. The cause of the glitch is currently unknown, though some cases have been traced to using the "God Mode" cheat code in Plague of Shadows.
  • His real name is Donovan, as revealed in Specter of Torment.
    • This makes Specter Knight the only Knight whose true name has been revealed.
      • He is also one of the few Knights whose face can be seen (as Donovan), alongside Shield Knight.
  • Not counting the Japanese version portraits, he has the most unique portraits, having three: one as a boss, one as a playable character, and one as Donovan.
    • However, his boss portrait was changed to his Specter of Torment portrait in all the campaigns.
  • He has a tendency to hiss at people when he's angry.




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