Super Skeletons are guardian enemies in Shovel Knight. They initially appear as a mixed pile of giant bones but upon player's approach they assemble into a giant skeleton that jumps toward Shovel Knight. After three jumps the Skeleton collapses into a pile of bones once more and the cycle repeats. Super Skeletons possess eight hit points. Shovel Dropping on a Super Skeleton will damage it if its standing up and cause Shovel Knight to bounce.

Two Super Skeletons show up in the Lich Yard and a third shows up in the Lich Yard Encounter stage. There is one more added in the extended area of the Lich Yard in Plague of Shadows.

Streetpass Arena Edit

The Streetpass Arena is run by a Super Skeleton with a unique palette known as the Passmaster.

Specter of Torment Edit

A red-colored variation guards the hidden room of Specter Knight. After completing the Lich Yard, it also appears in Tower of Fate and counts as a requirement of Inhuman Resources.

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