The Teethalon is the Mini-Boss of the Iron Whale. It appears to have snagged its lure in a blue chest.

The fight is split into two sections; initially the Teethalon chases player who must evade it until they reach the arena. When they arrive Teethalon becomes vulnerable, as his chest will open, and he will perform a fast charging attack shortly after sitting in place and he and player must fight it out. It has a total of twelve hit points.

Upon defeat:

  • In case of Shovel Knight and Plague Knight, the chest will remain. In Shovel of Hope Chester can be found inside and will sell you the Throwing Anchor. In Plague of Shadows Chester is absent, and you can steal the Throwing Anchor for free.
  • In case of Specter Knight, only some small and medium blue fish remain. Oddly, Specter Knight can restore Will by collecting these living fish.

Weakness Edit

Teethalon's only weakness is to strike the glowing orb in the Chest on its lure. The Chest is immune to a Shovel Drop and can only be slashed at. It is also vulnerable to a well-aimed Propeller Dagger strike, a fireball from the Flare Wand, or a blast from the War Horn.

Mini AnglersEdit


Throughout the chase and the direct confrontation, Teethalon will continually spawn Mini Anglers[1] from its writhing tongue. These smaller fish swim towards Shovel Knight, dealing damage if they hit him. If they miss, then they simply continue in the direction they were headed in. They can be killed with a single hit and can be Shovel Dropped to bounce over gaps between platforms during the chase.



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