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"Let us dance together into the abyss!
The Enchantress
Stage Tower of Fate: ???
Theme The Possessor

The Enchantress is the leader of "The Order of No Quarter" and is the main antagonist of Shovel Knight. Her final form, the Remnant of Fate, is the final boss of Shovel of Hope.

Official BioEdit

Of all the monsters roaming Shovel Knight’s world, none are as dangerous as the Enchantress. Cold, brilliant, and pulsing with vile power, the Enchantress is a preternatural force. Her Order of No Quarter carries out her will with ruthless might, although her origins remain shrouded in mystery. With a loyal army under her command, she is more than a match for a solitary knight with a lowly shovel... or so she assumes!
  • Pros: intelligence, magical prowess, healthy glow
  • Cons: no sense of humor, seems sad sometimes...


As Shovel KnightEdit

Wandering across the Plains
"The Enchantress: With you by our side, Black Knight, total dominion is within our grasp."
"Black Knight: I beg of you, take my words to heart. Your safety is my only concern!"
"Shovel Knight: Was that The Enchantress? Tell me wh-"
"Black Knight: You! Haven't you tired of this charade? Stay out of this!"
"Shovel Knight: You never were one to blindly follow, Black Knight, but the Order and the Enchantress must be stopped!"
"Black Knight: Fool! You're headed down a ruinous path!"
"Shovel Knight: The only path I seek leads to the Tower of Fate. And I will reach it."
"Black Knight: Never! Steel thy shovel!"
At the entrance to the Tower of Fate
"Black Knight: Shovel Knight! Stop your meddling and turn back now! This is your last chance!"
"Shovel Knight: I will reach her, Black Knight, even if I have to go through you."
"The Enchantress: Black Knight, are you guarding my tower? Have you finally decided to join us? You may kneel and pledge your loyalty now."
"Black Knight: For the last time, I answer to no one!"
"The Enchantress: Very well. Here's a tiny taste of the power you spurned."
"Shovel Knight: Black Knight!"
"Black Knight: I warned you to stay away!"
At the top of the Tower of Fate
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"The Enchantress: ...It's a beautiful night, isn't it?"
"Shovel Knight: Shield Knight! Come with me, let us leave this place!"
"The Enchantress: How pitiful, clinging to false hope, chasing ghosts."
"Shovel Knight: ...."
"The Enchantress: So, have you come to slay me, knight? To avenge your beloved? Gaze into my eyes. See how fearful I am. Watch me cower as you draw your blade."
"Shovel Knight: I don't need a blade to fight evil. Shield Knight, I know you aren't lost forever."
"The Enchantress: You haven't the slightest hope of defeating me, but I won't stop you from trying... so please... let us dance together into the abyss!"

As Plague KnightEdit

Before the battle
"The Enchantress: Plague Knight. Ah, so your fool's errand draws to a close."
"Plague Knight: Hee hee, you know what I'm after, Enchantress... and how important this is."
"The Enchantress: Do not speak to me of importance. Your quest is folly! You'll never be anything more than you are."
"Plague Knight: ..."
"The Enchantress: So, you've come to rob me of my essence? To shape the world to your whim? Essence is insignificant to me, but you, my servant, must be reminded of your place."
"Plague Knight: My place is by Mona's side, and you won't stop me."
"The Enchantress: If you insist on dancing with death... then I shall take the lead!"
After the battle
"The Enchantress: Killing you would be a waste of my energy... and of a powerful alchemist. I'll make use of you yet, Plague Knight... take what you will. Make your potion! But what you truly desire will always elude you."



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