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The Wandering Travelers are four characters who appear in Shovel Knight. All of them are optional encounters who do not have to be defeated to complete the game. The four travelers are Reize Seatlan, Baz, Mr. Hat and Phantom Striker. Initially they are unaffiliated with one another but in the credits they are seen working together to fight a swarm of Liquid Samurai. Furthermore in the Xbox One version Reize and The Baz are seen together in the Mysterious Area.

Trivia Edit

  • All of the Wandering Travelers and the Liquid Samurai were designed by Directors for a Day. This is likely why the four and Liquid Samurai are seen facing off in the credits.
  • Despite being grouped in as a "Wandering Traveler", Mr. Hat does not wander or travel the map the way the others do in either campaign. Instead, he can always be found at his hat shop in the Armor Outpost.
  • All four of them use 'Fighting With All Our Might' as their battle theme which is fitting as it was a song not originally created for Shovel Knight whilst Reize and The Baz were not created for Shovel Knight either.
  • Shovel Knight himself also appears in the same section of ending cutscene in Plague of Shadows. It seems that he also counts as one of the travellers.
    • Said Shovel Knight kills off all Liquid Samurais in the cutscene.

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