Launch a boomerang blade.
Upgrade: Passes through obstacles and recovers gold.

The Throwing Sickle is a Curio that Specter Knight can purchase from Red for 5 Red Skulls after completing the Plains of Passage.


The Throwing Sickle upgraded.

On use, Specter Knight throws a sickle a long distance in front of him, returning to where it was thrown after reaching its maximum distance. If the sickle makes contact with a wall or an enemy, it stops. If Specter Knight moves out of the sickle's path as it returns, it will continue to its thrown distance in the opposite direction before stopping. A maximum of 2 Throwing Sickles can be active at once.

When upgraded, the Throwing Sickle is no longer blocked by walls or enemies and can be used to retrieve fallen gold sacks.

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Unused level 3 Throwing Sickle.