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An ominous tower that lies at the far end of the Valley, it was here that Shovel Knight lost his beloved Shield Knight. He plans to reach the tower to stop The Enchantress and find and save Shield Knight.

The Tower of Fate is divided into three stages:

In the Specter of Torment campaign when the player is playing as Specter Knight, the Tower of Fate will serve as the hub world, as the player can buy weapons, talk to several NPCs exclusive to the Specter of Torment storyline, and go through a dark portal to be transported to each of the soon-to-be Order of No Quarter members' stages. And at certain points in the game, a flashback will occur in which the player will be playing as Specter Knight's past self, who was climbing the Tower of Fate with his partner Luan in order to retrieve a legendary amulet that has been rumored to been located there.

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