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Treasure Chests are objects found throughout the various stages of the game. There are multiple types of treasure chests with different rewards.

Small Chest Edit

A small brown chest that typically produces treasure as the player character rummages through it. Eventually a large gem or a Music Sheet is pulled out of the chest.

Chester's Chest (pictured) Edit

A cyan chest that Chester can be found in. It appears once per level hidden in all of the Order of No Quarter stages. In the Iron Whale, opening the chest leads to a fight with the Teethalon.

The Iron Whale has two of Chester's Chests in Plague of Shadows; the first is the standard one which gives Plague Knight the Throwing Anchor. The second is in the Plague Knight-only section which is where Plague Knight meets Chester and obtains the Vat.

Meal Ticket Chest Edit

A red chest found at the campsite whenever Shovel Knight defeats a wave of the Order of No Quarter. As the name implies they always have a Meal Ticket inside.

Large Chest Edit

Large brown chests exclusive to Plague of Shadows. When found in the Plague Knight-only sections of the Order of No Quarter stages, they contain the various Relics. When found in other stages, they give Plague Knight as many Health Tonics as he can carry.

Vortex Chest Edit

Treasure Knight sometimes attacks by throwing out a dark blue chest. Shortly after landing it creates a current that pulls the player toward it. If the player touches it they are sealed inside, lose gold and then become vulnerable to a follow up attack from Treasure Knight.