Treasures are the currency used in Shovel Knight. They are collected in the form of gemstones and measured in Gold. The most gold that can be possessed at any given time is 99999 gold.

Their value is based on size, with the smaller being the lowest; the values are 1 (gray), 5 (blue), 10 (green), 20 (yellow), 50 (red) and 200 (magenta).

On death, the protagonist drops approximately 25% of his treasure (halved if he's wearing the Final Guard/Treasure Trappings) in the form of three sacks, that will float near where he died. The player can then visit the place where they died and attempt to recollect the gold. Should be noted that if the player dies before recollecting the floating treasures, they will be lost once he restarts again. Also, after restarting at a Checkpoint, any treasure already collected in the stage will not be reset.

There are several ways to earn treasure:

  • Collecting loose treasure scattered throughout the stages.
  • Defeating enemies.
  • Rummaging through loot chests.
  • Digging up dig piles.
  • Returning Music Sheets to the Bard/Percy.
  • Playing Mona's potion game.

There are also several ways to spend treasure:

The following feats have to do with treasure:

Trivia Edit

Gold JP
  • As with other elements in the game changed for the Japanese localization of the game, gold bars were re-textured as antique Japanese gold coins.
  • It is revealed that during their adventures, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight collected much treasure together. However, Shovel Knight starts with zero gold in a new game.
  • Treasure Knight is unsurprisingly obsessed with treasures, claiming it as the most valuable thing in life. Similarly, Mole Knight loves to dig out hidden riches, although more as a way to confirm the superiority of his excavation techniques.
  • Players cannot go below three gold via death.

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