Troupples are a species of fish in Shovel Knight. They are half apple half fish and are led by the Troupple King.

When encountered from fishing in a sparkling pit, they will fill an empty Troupple Chalice (obtainable from the Troupple Acolyte) with a random Ichor and disappear. However, if Shovel Knight has all his Ichors filled, they will instead hop back to the pit, and be fished again.

As Plague Knight, they do not appear, and Tonic can be found instead.


"Troupple: Wait! Don't eat me, knight! The Troupple King commands me to share his bounty with you! All hail the Troupple King! The king of fish and fruit! Long may his stem grow!"
"Troupple: Wait! Stay thy fork, knight! I bring gifts from the Troupple King! Oh, can't carry any more! Come find me again once you have a spare Chalice!"

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