Troupple King
Troupple King Art
Type Special Merchant
Locations Troupple Pond

Who has awakened me?! Mortal! Dost thou need aid?

The Troupple King is a character of Shovel Knight who resides in the Troupple Pond. He is the leader of the troupples and treats others as mortals and himself as a god. He appears to those who seek him and carries a Troupple Chalice.

Shovel of HopeEdit

In Shovel of Hope, the Troupple King can fill Shovel Knight's chalices with one of his three Ichors. He will perform a dance the first time he fills a chalice. Additionally, he will get mad at Shovel Knight if he falls into or attempt to fish in his pond.

The Troupple King's loyal follower, the Troupple Acolyte, can be found in the tavern inside the Village and sells chalices.

Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Plague Knight uses the Troupple King's services to enchant his cloak to bestow it new powers, similarly to the Armorer improving Shovel Knight's armor at the Armor Outpost. However, he requires gold for it, recognizing the knight's villainy.

Additionally, Plague Knight can also learn how to dance when visiting the Troupple King for the first time and witnessing his dance. By holding [Down], Plague Knight will starting waltzing by himself. This can be done at anytime, except when near Mona, where Plague Knight will instead shyly tap his fingers together.

A different Troupple Acolyte can be found in the Armor outpost. She sells the chalice required to meet the Troupple King.

Specter of TormentEdit

The Troupple King appears at the end of Specter of Torment to reform the Enchantress' servants, Missy and the Dark Acolyte, into his own followers, met in the other campaigns.


"Troupple King: Who has awakened me?! Mortal! Dost thou need aid?"

When spoken to.

"Troupple King: I sense a Troupple Chalice! I can fill it with magical ichor. That's pronounced eye-core. Choose your ichor wisely..."

When Shovel Knight has an empty Chalice.

"Troupple King: Subjects! A new initiate joins us! The ceremony shall commence!"

When Shovel Knight fills a Chalice with Ichor for the first time.

"Troupple King: Fare thee well, shoveled knight! Return if thou hast need of my aid again!"

After receiving Ichor(s).

"Troupple King: The Troupple King lives to serve! Beest thou not a stranger."

When spoken to (Plague Knight).

"Troupple King: Ah, the ritual dance of my people, a spectacle few mortals behold. Let us begin!"

When asking the Troupple King to dance.

"Troupple King: Dancing is sorta my thing..."

After the Troupple King finishes his dance.

"Troupple King: Thou wouldst be wise to waste not the Troupple King's time, mortal!"

When speaking with the Troupple King but canceling any requests.


When fishing on / bombing the pond. 

"Troupple King: Mortal! A PANDEMONIUM CHALICE!? Impossible! I thought they'd all been destroyed long ago."
"Troupple King: Allow me to gaze into its swirling vortex... and hold still for a moment as I grant you new power! *HRP*"

When bringing the Pandemonium Chalice to the Troupple King.


  • Troupple King has two different dances, one for Shovel Knight and the other for Plague Knight. Both can be replayed with the music sheet found in the pond.
    • A cheat code will let Troupple King perform the first dance with a different music, however this music is not available as a music sheet.


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