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Wallace is a character in Shovel Knight . He can be found at the entrance of the Armor Outpost, being the village's guard. When Shovel Knight first attempts to enter the outpost, Wallace welcomes him. Wallace is also briefly seen chatting with Shovel Knight in Plague of Shadows, while Plague Knight is spying on the inhabitants from afar, but after that the evidence of him making any other apparence becomes difficult to prove.

It is in fact debatable whenever he partecipated on the assault on Plague Knight when he entered the Outpost, or if he tried to defend the Armor Outpost from The Enchantresse's attack shown in the Specter of Torment ending credits. In both instances, Knights with his exact color scheme are present on the scene, but unfortunatly nothing proves that one of them was Wallace in person.


Wallace is suited in basic gold and blue medieval knight's armor, a different palette from that of Farrels, the Village's guard.


"Wallace: Our scouts saw your approach, and we know of your quest. This is the Armor Outpost. The brave are holed up here, deep in enemy territory. It's dangerous... get equipped."

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