Wizzems are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. Most Wizzems have three hitpoints. Wizzems slowly charge up a magic attack before firing it. They are always stationary although they will sometimes turn around to face the player.

Flare Wizzems Edit

Flare Wizzems are by far the most common variety. They first appear at Pridemoor Keep and are found in many other stages including the Mysterious Area. They are red and cyan.

As their name implies their attack is very similar to the orb fired by the Flare Wand, including that it can be reflected back with a well timed shovel strike.

Frost Wizzems Edit


Frost Wizzems are exclusive to the Stranded Ship. They are white and cyan.

Their attack is identical to the Flare Wizzems except that as the orb travels it drops snowflakes periodically that damage anyone standing below. The falling snowflakes are reminiscent of Plague Knight's Frost Burst. Be careful that the orb can deal more damage than common attacks.

Gear Wizzems Edit


This Wizzem is first encountered in the Clockwork Tower although another is encountered at the Tower of Fate: Entrance. They are grey and red.

Their attack is notably different to that of any other Wizzems; rather than a small orb that travels forward they create a larger gear. The gear will always fall downward if it can, other than that it moves forward until it collides with something which will cause it to turn around. Shovel Strikes will not reflect these gears but rather cause them to get tossed over Shovel Knight.

In Specter of Torment, their gears can be knocked up and stay in the air for a few seconds, while Specter Knight can use them for dash slashes (and destroy the gear he cuts through).

Lightning Wizzems Edit


Lightning Wizzems are exclusive to the Flying Machine. They are dark cyan and red.

Their attack can be quite tricky to dodge. They fire an orb similar to the flare orb, but when it travels above or below the player it splits into two projectiles one that moves up and one that moves down quite swiftly. If Shovel Knight strikes the projectile instead of being reflected it splits immediately.

Dark Wizzems Edit

Dark Wizzem

This type only appears at Specter of Torment at the Pridemoor Keep. It uses a purple hood and shoots homing projectiles that can be dash-cut by Specter Knight to reach higher places. And unlike other varieties, they have only 2 hit points.

Others Edit

During the ending scenes of Specter of Torment, some gold-colored Wizzems are painting Pridemoor Keep golden.

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